T e s t i m o n i a l s
“At the age of 41, my life was significantly limited by frequent, painful back spasms. Seeking a non-surgical solution I discovered CJ’s rehabilitative approach to Pilates. After 1 month I had noticeable improvement and after 3 months I was almost pain free. Now I am 50+, leading a full, active life, attending Pilates classes and doing things that many 30 year olds struggle to do. If you have recurring back pain, try Pilates."

"I was ... dealing with some major migraine headaches caused by tension, and 15 years of muscle aches due to a car accident. 
I needed something that would not frustrate me and feel like work – something I would enjoy and keep doing so I could recuperate. Stott Pilates became the answer.

After a year of working with CJ, she and Stott Pilates has given me a new, incredibly optimistic outlook on life! I lost the 10 lbs I wanted to shed, I no longer have migraine headaches, and my muscles are getting stronger and less troublesome. I have a new toned, firm body and more importantly, confidence in how I look and feel. 

I must give CJ most of the credit. She is an awesome motivator! Every class session is different so there is absolutely no monotony, she never pushes you beyond your limits, and the times we get together are always enjoyable! She has such a positive attitude that you can’t help but catch it and use it to maximize your workout. The exercises she modifies for you are specific to your needs; hence the relief you so desire from your pain is attainable.

Your transformation will not happen overnight, but it will happen; of that there is no doubt. I have CJ Thomas and Stott Pilates to thank for making the healing process a pain free and pleasant experience. I can not wait for our next session!"
"When I first started Pilates I was told to hold in my Transversus, and thanks to CJ, I finally found it! No two classes are ever the same so your muscles and your strength are always challenged, and no body part is missed. I take other strength classes at the gym and find that Pilates complements those as well. Your body will thank you!"
Gramma Grimm

Working with CJ Thomas at Body by Pilates has been such an exhilarating experience. When I first started, I was feeling old--with hip problems, low energy, and stiffness. Having been to orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, and chiropractors, my physical problems were becoming debilitating. Now, with Body by Pilates, I am more flexible, stronger--have greater energy and feel more physically energized that I have in my life...and that's no exaggeration. …. I have been encouraged by a superb teacher that has made all the difference in my continuing with my program. If you have existing physical problems, or simply want to give your body the gift of strength, flexibility, and quiet focus for your mind, then Body by Pilates is definitely the answer.

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