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Introductory Appointment
All new clients must go through an Introductory session. During this initial 55-minute session, we will talk about what has brought you to Body by Pilates and go over your New Client Profile. This will include your strengths, weaknesses, and health background.  Some muscle testing will likely be done as well to determine your overall core strength.  Although there is not a great deal of movement during this first session, you will begin to learn some basic principles that can help you gain greater core strength and understand correct posture. Finally, we will discuss your goals, making sure they are realistic and attainable.                                          $60

Package of Three Introductory = $204, Package of Five Introductory = $348

During your subsequent private appointments, a program will be designed for your individual needs using any or all of the available services.

Private Packages

One 55-Minute Appointment
Package of Five 55-Minute Appointments
​Package of Ten 55-Minute Appointments

Group Classes

Group classes per class

All Fascial Conditioning classes are based on the Drop In fees.

Drop In Class
Drop In Card of Five Classes
Drop In Card of Ten Classes

Group classes are 50 minutes long unless otherwise noted.
Additional price packages are available.  Contact CJ for more information.
There is a 2.5% fee for credit card payments.


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