MELT Method

  MELT Method

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My Journey to MELT

In the spring of 2013, a client came into my stretch class and asked if I had heard of the MELT Method. She had seen the creator, Sue Hitzmann, on Dr. Oz and was so impressed with the demonstrations that she purchased the book and foam roller that day.  I passed this off lightly as another fitness person putting yet another take on the foam roller.  After all, I had been using a soft roller for the last couple of years in my stretch class and clients with great success, knowing intuitively and anecdotely the lasting benefits.

A couple of weeks later, Judy came into class with her MELT book and asked if I would read it and help her make sense of it.  I said I would.  I began reading the book and little zings began racing up and down my spine and limbs.  The book explained the reasons behide chronic pain and gave a structured approach to working with the soft roller.  This appealed to and teased my analytical brain!

​That fall, I began my MELT training, taught by Sue.  The first 14 hours was almost entire the science behide MELT and everything I had been doing now made sense.
I have had an area between my shoulder blades up to my neck which is stressed, tight and painful for as long as I can remember. I've used muscle relaxants, anti inflammatory pills, and massage with only some short term relief as the result.  When I did the MELT hand treatment, and I got into my car to go home I noticed that I didn't have any discomfort in that troubling area. And it lasted for several days like that.  Now, when I start feeling discomfort in that area I take 5-10 minutes to do the handwork and I'm good for another few days. It is nothing short of miraculous . Max
So, What is MELT?

Using a combination of specialized balls and a soft foam roller, ​you can learn to address the source of your chronic pain at its source, in the connective tissue or fascia.  Sue can tell you much better than I ever could.  Read the FAQ's then call me with additional questions or to set up an appointment.